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Estelle is an artist in the Concord area
specializing in watercolor and fine art.

Art Classes in New Hampshire

Welcome to Estelle N. Smith's world of art. This site is replete with the work of one of the Lakes Region's best-known artists. Enjoy the ride!

Estelle N Smith

Early life chaos successfully kept my artistic impulses in check and nullified my attempts to get a “formal” education. That said, many people told me that my talent was undeniable, and art became my “crutch” during difficult times. Buoyed at last, for 28 years, by a stable personal life, it got me exhilarated to get down to work and round out my meager credentials by enrolling in college courses, studying, touring museums and, most importantly, rubbing elbows with established artists, my long-time friend and mentor Jeanne Lachance, the primary player.

Estelle N Smith

Art Classes for 2020

Test your artistic abilities, learn basic drawing skills, or come just for fun!!! Estelle Smith is pleased to announce that her art classes will be offered in her home (address provided upon payment), starting Jan 9, 2020. Learn to draw what you see NOT what you THINK you see.

Estelle N Smith

From Whimsical Fonts to Drawings to Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media, and Oil, Estelle N. Smith is an accomplished artist and an amazing instructor. View her work and her student's work here.

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